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Information About Consumer Durable Loan


Have you been waiting for a long time to save money to buy products you desire? Tata Capital’s Consumer Durable Loans, helps you in making your purchases today, that you had set off for tomorrow. Through our 0% EMI facility you can buy big and pay small i.e. you can purchase home improvement products like a new microwave or a giant refrigerator and make repayments through the monthly EMIs. Through our consumer durable loan, you can also head out on a new trip or purchase health related products too. We require minimum documentation and provide on spot loan approval. Don’t delay your aspirations. Now go ahead with confidence and make life easier for you and your loved ones.

How can you take a Consumer Durable Loan?

We have eliminated any stress involved around loan application process by designing a product that is totally hassle-free. It’s simple. It’s quick. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check your eligibility
  • Select your loan amount and tenure
  • Submit your application

What are the basic requirements in getting the loan approved?

We have built a simple process to make sure you can start shopping as soon as possible. For swift approval:

  • Keep your Identity proof handy like your Aadhar or PAN Card number
  • Keep your address/residential proof ready


Please check the Eligibility and Documents page for more details.

Three ways you can upgrade your life with the Consumer Durable Loan

Upgrade your electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets make our lives comfortable. Sometimes, we need them to even further our career aspirations. So, whether it is a laptop that will enable you to do all your office work or a mobile phone that keeps you connected to your loved ones, we believe you deserve the very best. With Tata Capital’s Consumer Durable Loans, you can buy what you want and repay through flexible EMI option and tenure.

Upgrade your home

Ever wanted to become a better baker? You can now buy the top-of-the-line microwave and oven grill. You can purchase a smart television or a new washing machine that makes laundry a breeze. There is no limit how you can make your home beautiful and better. We want you to live the best life possible.

Upgrade your lifestyle

Want to visit exotic location? You can use Consumer Durable Loans to upgrade your lifestyle and make it more desirable. With 0% interest and minimum documents, you can now head off to your long awaited vacation.

Features and Advantages

Instant Approval

We don’t keep you waiting and enable you to reach your goals faster. With our on-spot loan approval, you can start shopping for anything anywhere, right away!