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Personal Loan EMI Options

What is an EMI?

Personal Loan EMI or Equal Monthly Instalment is the amount that you need to pay every month for repaying your principal loan amount at the applicable rate of interest over the chosen loan tenure. It is the sum total of the principal loan amount and the interest amount.


The 3 Hows of deciding the right EMI

  • How soon do you want to pay off the Personal Loan?

  • How much can you afford to pay in a month?

  • How much of an interest rate are you comfortable with?

How to choose a right EMI option?

To be able to make the right choice among personal loan EMI options – standard EMI and flexi personal loan, you need to consider the following questions - 

  • How Soon Do You Want to Pay Off Personal Loan?

If you are financially able or are expecting a future salary hike, you should aim at paying off your personal loan EMI early – choose shorter loan tenure. This is because the longer the tenure, the more the personal loan interest that will be charged. By reducing the tenure, you can not only enjoy reduced interest amount but also be able to pay off your loan early. 

  • How Much EMI Can You Afford to Pay in a Month?

One of the most critical factors to consider while choosing a personal loan EMI option is your budget. Jot down all your monthly commitments and deduct them from your monthly income to deduce the residual income. Based on what is left over, you can decide on the EMI option that works best.

  • How much of an Interest Rate are you Comfortable with?

Flexi personal loans usually come with lower interest rates as compared to standard EMI options. But, under standard EMI, you can withdraw and use up the entire loan amount borrowed whereas under flexi EMI, this cash outflow is capped. Depending on whether or not you are comfortable paying a higher rate of interest and your unique needs, you should choose the EMI option that serves you best. 



Choosing the right EMI option is a critical decision that you’ll have to make while taking a Personal Loan. But, we’ve made it easy for you. Just choose from one of our available EMI options that cater to your needs, your timeline and your budget.

Standard EMI Plan

Standard EMI Plan allows you to pay the principal amount along with the interest consistently for your defined tenure.
  • EMI amount remains the same for the entire personal loan period
  • Standard plan
Ideal if
You have a regular income

Step Up Flexi EMI Plan

Step Up Flexi EMI Plan offers great flexibility. This repayment option allows you to pay lower EMIs at the beginning and as your salary increases, you pay higher EMIs.
  • Pay more when you can afford
  • Helps to manage income flow efficiently
Ideal if
You expect your income to increase at regular intervals

How much EMI do you need to pay?

Your Equated Monthly Instalment depends on the principal loan amount, the interest rate charged and the period for which the loan is taken.

You can choose your personal loan EMI amount that is comfortable for you by using the Personal Loan EMI calculator.

Your EMI amount will depend upon your chosen Principal Amount, the Loan Tenure, and the Rate of Interest. Using a personal loan EMI calculator, you can choose the EMI amount you are comfortable with.