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Personal Loan Overdraft FAQs

Getting Started

Personal Loan Overdraft facility is a facility wherein the customer can withdraw and pay back multiple times within his credit sanctioned/available limit.

Tata Capital offers Fixed Hybrid OD facility -

- In fixed hybrid, the limit of the loan would remain fixed for a certain tenure and then convert to dropline for the rest of the tenure.

- For 48 months tenure PL CCOD product, limit will remain fixed for first year and dropdown starts after completion of one year. 

-  For 60 months tenure PL CCOD product, limit will remain fixed for first two years and dropdown starts after completion of two years.

* Login ID and password is received within 48 hours of the contract booking.
*SMS is sent on the customer’s registered mobile number with us, which contains login ID and link to YouTube training video.
*Password and Welcome letter are sent on email address registered with us at the same time.

  • You should be in the age group of 22- 58 years.

  • You should have a minimum monthly income of ₹35,000

  • You should be in the same job for six months.

  • You should have a minimum of one year work experience.

Loan Transfer and Approval

*For first disbursement-At the time of limit setting, charges (PF+ Stamp Duty+ Insurance) will be deducted from the requested loan amount and remaining amount will be transferred to the customer’s registered bank account. This is temporary reduction of limit. The customer has to pay PF+SD+ Insurance and his limit will be restored. 

If the customer does not wish to utilize the disbursed amount, he/she can transfer the same back to Tata Capital using our online portal or by NEFT/RTGS.

*For further withdrawal- The customer can raise a draw down request, post paying all the charges (PF+ Stamp Duty+ Insurance) using the web portal of Tata Capital. The disbursement is made in the customer’s registered bank account on the same day or next working day depending on banking hours. 

Loan Details (Tenure and Amount)

We offer tenure from 12 months to 60 months.

Yes, the customer has to pay PF, Insurance and Stamp Duty. If not paid until the first due date, it will be recovered along with first PDC/NACH.

Interest is generated on 30/31st midnight.

The customer is communicated his interest amount on the 1st of the month via mail and SMS. Statement of Account is sent along with the mail.

* NACH is hit on the 3rd of every month post activation.
*If NACH is not activated in the first month due to non-registration, the customer can pay his dues using the TCFSL online portal or dues will be collected using 1st PDC on subsequent due date.

The first instalment amount comprises of PF+ Stamp Duty+ Insurance (if unpaid) and interest which is why the first instalment is higher.

If the customer has already paid the charges (PF + Stamp Duty + Insurance) post disbursement, first instalment will only comprise of interest component.

Know how it works

The portal will block a withdrawal request from the customer if any outstanding amount like PF, insurance, Stamp Duty, interest is pending to be paid.

The system first recovers PF, second Stamp duty and third Insurance (any charges, namely bounce charges) and later interest and principal.

*All customer complaints/ issues should strictly be routed through the Customer Care team.
*Tata Capital Customer Care or call on our customer care number- 1860 267 6060.

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