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Moneyfy is a platform that on-boards users digitally and enables users to invest in mutual funds. Moneyfy also offers products like Insurance and Loans. Moneyfy enables user to be investment ready by helping them complete their KYC digitally.

Through Moneyfy you will able to invest in leading fund houses. It can help you set your goals effortlessly, compare various investment options and get different types of loans as per your needs. It also allows you to select insurance for your financial security.

Moneyfy is an ideal choice for new investors. It’s a simple process in which you have to login to the app, complete your KYC process and be investment ready within minutes. To start with, Moneyfy offers simple & easy Investment options to new investors. Moneyfy is also a right pick for people who have already invested in Mutual Fund. It makes your investment process faster, better and easier.

As per your profile, there are custom goals and Investment choices to help you achieve your goals. Mutual fund scanner and additional listings will help in enhancing your experience.

Key features to explore on Moneyfy:

  • Goal Based Investing: You can set up your desired goals and accomplish it by investing through either SIP or Lump sum investment.
  • Instant Redemption: Make your idle money work 24*7 with immediate liquidity! Manage your money wisely by investing in liquid funds which you will be able to withdraw instantly up to Rs.50000. You can withdraw the money and it will be credited to your registered account.
  • Mutual Fund Scanner: Do the screening of mutual funds yourself.  If you know what you want to invest in, then MF Scanner lets you pick your investment type.
  • Compare Funds: You will be able to analyse and compare funds on the following:
  • Basic comparison- Category, Sub Category, Investment Horizon, Fund risk grade, Quality, Ratings, Return & Investment details.
  • Detailed comparison- Asset Allocation, Withdrawals, Scheme details, Scheme portfolio and Top sector holdings.
  • Invest by Themes: Invest in India’s largest companies, top rated funds, gold funds or invest to save taxes. Moneyfy offers choice across various themes to choose the right option for yourself.
  • Insurance: Protect your family or valuable assets with various insurance plans on Moneyfy.
  • Loans: Fulfil all your financial needs instantly by applying for loans through Moneyfy.